Prices effective 11/01/2019

Tissue Processing*
Paraffin $8.00 per block
Frozen $8.00 per block
Paraffin Sectioning and Staining*
H&E $7.25 per slide
Unstained $2.50 per slide
All other Stains (Inquire for specific stains) $1.50 per slide + set up fee
Special Cutting:
Non-standard histology $30/hour, call 314-362-4933 
Special Stains:
Special Stains Link to Special Stains Price List
Frozen Sectioning and Staining by Staff (Please call for an appointment)
Sectioning $30.00 per hour
H&E stained $7.25 per slide
Unstained $2.50 per slide
Cryostat $35.00 per hour
Microtome $35.00 per hour
Unassisted Equipment Usage
Cryostat $6.25 per hour
Microtome $4.00 per hour
Miscellaneous (Price includes 10% admin. fee)
Blades (single) $2.20
Blades (box) $79.00
Slides (box) $16.50
Slide Boxes (holds 25 slides) $8.50 per box
Slide Boxes (holds 100 slides) $9.50 per box
Priority Service Fee
Priority Service Fee Additional 30% on total bill
Outside Users Additional 30% Administration fee added for all outside users
*Small and Precious Samples Policy: When small and precious samples are brought to the Histology Core Lab, please be prepared to schedule a time with the histology technician. You must be present at the time the samples are cut.

Please call 314-362-4933 for pricing of special stains not listed above.